Experience in trading with blocks


Eurogranite AG is a commercial company that trades worldwide in natural stone blocks.

…pure granite

Before we even start quarrying granite in our South African quarries, we carry out geological investigations and material tests to quantify and assure ourselves of the quality of granite deposits. Technically sound quarrying and a network of quality checks enable us to maintain a constant high quality standard.

It is our conviction that customer satisfaction has to be our most important objective. We therefore ensure that our technical expertise and technology are state-of-the-art in order to exclude the causes of errors.


To better meet the needs of the processing works, Eurogranite AG was founded in 2006 and specialises in blocks and slabs for the measurement technology and surface plate industry.


Our supplier is known as one of the fourth largest suppliers of raw granite blocks & polished
slabs in South Africa.

The South Africa production plant is fully equipped with state-of-the-art cutting & polishing technology; it is capable of mass production of an unsurpassed quality and exceeds international standards for the supply of raw granite blocks and slabs to industry.


South Africa is known for the excellent quality & varied colours of its stone, which is extracted from our partner’s own quarries throughout the southern region. Our qualified and experienced staff visit the different quarries, selecting only the best quality of stone for processing.

The success factors

People are one of the essential success factors of our supplier ANG. We offer our employees challenging tasks, professional career opportunities and fair, achievement-oriented wages.

The management board sets a good example by creating a motivating setting in which employees can work independently towards a given target. This is based on mutual trust. We nurture an open communication culture at work. By respecting each other we are able to deal constructively with conflicts and we view criticism as a chance for development. We work as a team and put the common interest before personal interests.

Fair balance is the base of our success:
Passionate when purchasing materials.
Efficient and uncompromising when choosing the best quality.

One company worldwide: on-the-spot to meet your requirements